Business Report Writing

Course Description

This program is designed for people who need to develop the skills to create professional reports as part of their job. It will present some of the elements that separate report writing from other types of written communication. The value of the session is enhanced if the participants bring some sample documents.


The participants should have knowledge of word processing software


Having completed this training the participants will

Understand that professional writing is a career skill
Understand the importance of knowing their audience
Write in a context where the report may be read by an outside third party
Write clear and concise sentences
Have a clear understanding of the features of an effective report
Have practiced the techniques and created an action plan to apply them

Using the appropriate style

Writing for your reader - representing your company
Who are your audience?
Understanding the third reader
How do they influence your writing style?

Factors that affect readability

Writing concise sentences to increase readability
Avoiding redundant and commonly confused words
Avoiding jargon
Active or passive voice
Using correct punctuation and grammar
Paragraph composition
Assessing readability- The Gunning Fog Index

Organising Relevant Information for the Report

Choosing information sources
Referencing your sources
Quantitative or Qualitative data
Providing useful headings to guide the readers and capture their attention
Distinguishing between facts and opinion

Structuring the Report

Creating a logical conclusion or recommendation
Flow Charts
Chunking and Linking
Providing effective explanations of figures and tables, etc
Using sections, sub-sections, and bullet points
Preparing a table of contents
When and how to use graphics - pictures, diagrams, flow charts, tables, graphs, etc.

Professional Layout and Design

Page size and orientation
Margins and spacing


Spelling and grammar checks - benefits and limitations
Checking for consistency

Practical Exercises

Critique of sample reports
Exercises to practice achieving high levels of professionalism and readability
Creating a template

Personal Action Plans

Personal action plans for improving written communication professionalism and effectiveness


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