Business Writing for Credit Union Staff

Course Description

This workshop is designed to give the participants an understanding of the importance of effective communication in delivering the core message of the Credit Union.


No specific pre-requisites.

Representing the Credit Union

What is their role?
Writing to represent your Credit Union
Who are your audience?
Managing your professional persona
How the message is viewed by the reader

Taking control of communication

Using language the member can understand
What are barriers?
Understanding the communication funnel
It's not what you say, it's what they hear
What annoys you and are you contributing to the situation
Explaining the policies and procedures
Providing solutions or guidance in using the policies

Using email as a business tool

Create effective emails
Techniques for managing expectations
Use email as a business communication tools

Identifying needs

Question techniques - why and when to use them
The difference between listening and hearing
Active listening

Technical expertise plus tact

Negotiating skills
Characteristics of an effective support person
Characteristics of users
Responding to criticism
Assertive communication