Creating Effective Business Emails

Course Description

E-mail is the most common form of communication used in business every day. However, it is often the most misused form of communication. This session is designed to give the participants the skills to create effective emails. It can be tailored for various different computer programmes.


No specific pre-requisites.

Having completed the training the participants will

Understand the importance of email as an essential skill in creating and maintaining customer relationships
Recognise that professional writing is a career skill
Have practiced the techniques and created an action plan to apply them

Thinking before typing

Potential errors
Who is your reader?
How formal do you want to be?
Emails as legal documents
How urgent is your message?
When is a telephone call better?

Good business style

Understanding your organisations - guidelines and protocols Matching your tone to the reader and the purpose Choosing and using words with care Side-stepping jargon and overworked phrases Ensuring consistency Avoiding ambiguity

Why email is different

Avoid responding in anger
Role of the CC & BCC
Reply or Reply to all
Editing the message before forwarding
Read, Respond, Refer or Remove

Areas of confusion

How to begin - Business greetings
How much can I say?
Can I use headings?
When should I use an attachment?
How to end - Cheers, Yours, Kind regards

Choosing Your Words Carefully

Sharpening Your Writing Style
Deleting (Unnecessary) Redundancies
Forming Parallel Construction
Recognizing Clichés
Avoiding Sexist Language

Improving Grammar and Punctuation

The basics of punctuation and grammar
Common errors and how they can be avoided
Using personal pronouns correctly
Using the apostrophe correctly